About Izzy's Mum

Hi, my name is Abby. In 2009 my husband and I had our first child, Isabel. Wanting to give Isabel (or Izzy as she very quickly became known) the very best chance in life we decided to breastfeed her.

I soon discovered how hard it is to find suitable nursing clothing, at least nice clothes. It simply isn't available on the high street, and surprisingly hard to find a good range on the internet. I believe that just because you are a mother who is breastfeeding, it doesn't mean you have to look plain and boring. I have been to 3 weddings since Izzy was born, and finding outfits for these that still enabled me to breastfeed was nearly impossible.

So, I decided to start "Izzy's Mum". My aim is to stock the best range of breastfeeding clothes, all presented in an easy to find way. I believe that you should be able to feel smart, confident, and dare I say it "sexy" in what you are wearing, and we will offer you the clothes to let you do so.

Our range is growing, and we will have everything from outfits for the smartest of occasions, to the basics you need for every day. All available for quick and easy delivery.

You can keep an eye on, follow us on twitter @Izzys_Mum, or find us on Facebook.